I would be a liar if I said I wasn’t a little bummed that I wouldn’t be waking up to an omelet in bed wearing my finest lingerie, a dozen red roses, chocolates and a date to a new and yummy restaurant in town. Last time I had an actual Valentine I was in elementary and, while the gift my boy Orlando gave me was super thoughtful, like all other men in my life, he isn’t anywhere to be found. So, while not down in the dumps, I was feeling a little lackluster about the “holiday” (is it cynical and shady of me to say we all know it’s a ruse to get people to spend their money on stupid shit rather than showing their partner(s) they love them in other, more meaningful ways on random times of the year? Like, faithfulness or transparency or remembering a person’s favorite treat when they feel blue? I’ll stop, since I’m sure you’re thinking “damn, Jax is saltier than a Saltine”).

When thinking of ways to treat myself today, I called the bank and finished paying off my car loan. Two years early. And I topped it off with a text message to my babies JV and Ceej: “WHO NEEDS CHOCOLATES FROM A WACK ASS DUDE WHEN I GOT ME PAYING MY BILLS!!?!?!!?” If I have to pick between making sound financial decisions and Valentine’s day, I WIN every time!

LOL @ me forgetting who the fuck I am!

-Signed, Salty & Debt-Free Jacky

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