About Jahks.

Cranky.  Unruly hair.  Light Blue & Emporio.  AmeriCorps VISTA. Reader. Spoiled.  5’1”.  English major.  DIY junkie.  Sangria lover.  M&A.  Kings of Leon.  Opinionated.  September 1.  The Giver.  All foods.  Word-drunk.  Sarcastic.  Nothing without music. Aunt to Jonas. Northeastern University ’13.  Single.  Bilingual.  Free to mingle.  Amy Winehouse.  Colombian.  Serious daydreamer.  Technologically delayed.  Chatty.  Analytical. Fahrenheit 451.  Yellow.  Loyal.  Shower dancer.  Broke.  Hopeful.


6 thoughts on “About Jahks.

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping at FeetfromShore, glad to have you on board! I smiled when I read you’re a Sangria lover. As a good Spaniard that I am, I always have a sangria bottle ready in my house to celebrate special occasions. Keep in touch 🙂 Yael

    • Schanck!!! You don’t have to say a single word more, because this is the best comment I have ever received on my blog. I am well, thank you, still my irresponsible and smug self. I hope you are well, also. Thank you for reading, and do keep in touch!

  2. Omg. We share a lot of the same bio, but yours is funny. Mine is a few sentences (how original). YES Fahrenheit 451. YES broke, hopeful and word-drunk. All awesome. Nice to meet ya!

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