About Jahks.

Cranky.  Unruly hair.  Light Blue & Emporio.  2015 AmeriCorps VISTA. Reader. Spoiled.  5’1”.  English major.  DIY junkie.  Sangria lover.  M&A.  Kings of Leon.  Opinionated.  September 1.  The Giver.  All foods.  Word-drunk.  Sarcastic.  Nothing without music. Aunt to Jonas & Elias. Northeastern University ’13.  Single.  Bilingual.  Free to mingle.  Amy Winehouse.  Colombian.  Serious daydreamer.  Technologically delayed.  Chatty.  Analytical. Fahrenheit 451.  Yellow.  Loyal.  Shower dancer.  Broke.  Hopeful.


6 thoughts on “About Jahks.

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for stopping at FeetfromShore, glad to have you on board! I smiled when I read you’re a Sangria lover. As a good Spaniard that I am, I always have a sangria bottle ready in my house to celebrate special occasions. Keep in touch 🙂 Yael

    • Schanck!!! You don’t have to say a single word more, because this is the best comment I have ever received on my blog. I am well, thank you, still my irresponsible and smug self. I hope you are well, also. Thank you for reading, and do keep in touch!

  2. Omg. We share a lot of the same bio, but yours is funny. Mine is a few sentences (how original). YES Fahrenheit 451. YES broke, hopeful and word-drunk. All awesome. Nice to meet ya!

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