It’s almost unbelievable that I had a place within your space

Until I didn’t.

I imagine being there like a time lapse in a movie,

Flashes of movement all over,

Never still in one place and finally gone.

Is my energy still there, like a phantom?

Had I known,

I would have taken better note

Of how perfectly our bodies fit together on your couch on Sundays,

Would have memorized the exact green of your eyes when they’d go wide with surprise,

And would have appreciated the stillness of the early morning air

As I, exhausted, heard you walk through the motions of getting ready:

Shower. Perfectly ironed work clothes. Belt. Boots with a thud. Feed the cat. “Stay as long as you’d like” with a kiss goodbye.

The smell of my perfume that you liked so much must be

Long gone from your favorite sheets and

I wonder if you’re still finding my hair everywhere,

Curly reminders of what we used be.

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