You look over and unexpectedly, boom!, there it is.  It hits you like a thousand fireworks to the chest, like a twenty-foot wave which knocks you off your feet and makes you tumble amongst the seaweed and sand, like the brilliance of all the stars combined that entrances you and blinds you but you cannot stop from looking:  a smile.

You don’t want to give yourself away so you smile back, but you think to yourself, “Oh, shit.”  Because it’s not just any smile.  You know that from that moment on you are doomed, done for, forever trapped in a mischievous, full-lipped, and whisky-coated smile of perfectly aligned teeth.  Your eyes travel their face, and the coquetry of their gaze takes your breath away, wooosh.  You let your mind wander and you can practically smell the light scent of soap which lingers on the nape of their neck.  You imagine the traveling touch of their strong, able hands.  You can already picture the moonlight shadows cast upon their naked olive skin, and it is almost too much to take.    

You look away, you have to!  Doesn’t really matter if you do, though, because it’s far too late.  They’ve got style and charm and a voice that turns your knees to silly putty.  You look past superficial qualities and you discover what you already knew – they’ve got intelligence, goals, ideas, talent and a whole lot of heart.  Sometimes you catch them thinking to themselves and you want to ask what’s on their mind but you don’t.  Their mind is a labyrinth which you may just lose yourself in.  No matter how hard you try, however, they won’t let you in.  Access denied, baby.          

For some reason which you can never unlock, they don’t see the light within themselves.  Someone falsely convinced them long ago they weren’t worth much.  They don’t believe in themselves, so they self-destruct.  Saboteurs, is what they are.  It is easier for them to mess up than to display just how much potential they have.  You know they are capable of so much more but they accuse you of being judgmental, critical.  Who are you to understand the misunderstood?  You’ve had to bite your tongue several times to stop from proclaiming that they are the most beautiful person you have ever met.

But what’s the use?  If they don’t believe in themselves, why would they believe in you?  Why would they think you worthy?  If they don’t see the beauty and light within themselves, why would they see it in you?  How could they ever be held captive by your smile if they don’t realize what radiates from theirs?


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