Take Care.

If you’d let me,

Body naked and hair shower-soaked into your bed I’d climb

Heavy-heartedly I’d lie, wrap myself around you

And without saying a single word

Or giving in to the feelings of wanting

I’d lose myself in your elusive labyrinth

Explore passages full of all it is you know and think

Unlock everything you take care to hide so well

Lift your burdens so you don’t fight them all alone

If you’d ask me to, I’d stay

Quiet and still against your chest forever

But I’ve got places to go

While you’ve got secrets to keep

And the spaces that divide us

Run like the unreachable recesses of your mind, wide and deep


“’Cause if you let me, here’s what I’ll do:  I’ll take care of you…” – Rihanna, “Take Care”

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