Little Things.

I am waiting for something big! to happen.  I keep waiting to land my dream job as David Beckham’s personal lotion applier, make it onto the bestseller’s list, wake up with a voice like Adele’s, backpack all over Europe, grow two cup sizes, or win the biggest jackpot in history. 

In fantasizing about glitz and glamour and action and brilliance, we obsess over things we don’t have (and most likely don’t need) and neglect the things we do have.  We overlook the things in our lives that are of substance and value, things that give our lives meaning and purpose.  Ya know, the little things.   

It makes my day when I have a text from my favorite chola Cindy that says she’s about to slice somebody, or it’s an inappropriate meme or a video of her niece in a dance-off. 

Out of the blue my friend Des sent me the following:  “Please promise me you will never stop trying nor give up.”    

My aunts Martha and Olga and my uncle Humberto would give me daily rides to and from the train station during the summer.  They even had a rotating schedule.  They would tell me stories and make me laugh and laugh.   

After a very rough day, a random old lady told me she could tell that I was a nice girl and that my parents must be proud of me.  She said she believed I would have a bright future.     

My mom knew I was down in the dumps a while back, so she came from the grocery store with a cheesecake and strawberry ice cream – “tome, para que se le endulce la vida.”  Here, so as to sweeten up your life a bit.  We cackle and double over watching Full House together, even the repeats.   

Every now and again I’ll find a Slim Jim or a bag of sunflower seeds on my desk, and I know it was my dad.  I’ve been arts and crafts crazy lately, so he showed up to the house with a glue gun.  A few days ago he walked in and said, “mire, pa’ usted.”  Look, this is for you.  And he handed me this tool thingy which is part hammer and part wrench, with blades and a can opener and a screw driver.  “Awesome!” I screamed and started slicing shit up and he laughed.  I like it when you are happy, he said.  One time I was looking through his drawer for thick tube socks to wear around the house and I found a pair of my baby shoes snuggled amidst his things.    

My nephew ends his phone calls with, “Love ya, Jack.” 

I have countless examples.  It’s the little things in my life that I am grateful for tonight.  It’s hard to see and appreciate them when life seems stagnant and like you can’t catch a break or get anything right.  The ones you overlook.  It’s the little things that maybe aren’t that little, that swell your heart when you think about them and realize how good you’ve really got it.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.  –Robert Brault 

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