I cracked the code. Finally figured it out. If I was getting paid for this revelation, I’d be a rich bitch packing my shit to Asia. Adieu! Until a few moments ago you remained a riddle to me – mysterious and always out of reach. I ruminated about it even in my sleep. It was like giving college calculus problems to a goofy kid who can’t find his way to first period algebra on the first day of school. For the life of me, I could not figure out what the fuck was wrong with you. Like, why are you like that? But then, it hit me like a stop sign hitting Kanye in the forehead. It was an epiphany, truly. Remember what those closest to you would say and you insisted it wasn’t true? You refused to believe it. I knew nothing hurt you more than being called a disappoinment.

Turns out, you proved everyone right.

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