A Deeper Understanding.

I recited my friend Charmaine’s poem, titled “A Deeper Understanding,” for the Mixed Magic Theatre’s monthly poetry show. Char also curated the show, and it was interesting to get a behind-the-scenes look at how shows like this are put together. I hesitated to share the video, because I immediately began scrutinizing the way I wasn’t sucking in my gut and way my mouth moves and how my hair is parted in the wrong place and blah blah blah but decided that I should, because I was a little part in a big piece of magic and it’s a magic that should be shared. Despite the pandemic, despite the odds, the MMT team was able to put together a show that included many different forms of art. Sharing the video is also a way to showcase Char’s art, which I am so honored to have been chosen to read aloud. I agreed to participate because I knew the poem would be beautifully done, but it’s brilliant, absolutely brilliant. I just hope I did it justice.

You can watch my YouTube debut here, on the presentation of Rise to Black: Onward, here: https://youtu.be/-I35ne0jGQg. I hope you enjoy the show and leave the MMT a like and subscribe!

7 thoughts on “A Deeper Understanding.

    1. Hi! Calming down just a bit, but still wild. Our trash bins tried to make a run for it last night ha! Is it stormy for you too?

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