Last week, during a Community Lunch at RIC, I was asked to work on a gratitude activity. The task was to express gratitude towards someone who had been good to us, so I chose an angel walking on earth – my mother. I wrote:

Margarita: I am thankful that you gave me life and have saved my life. I am thankful for your thoughtfulness, dedication, sense of humor, selflessness, kind heart, positivity, encouragement, acceptance, nurturing. And for making life sweet.

I kept it short, but halfway through I was holding back snot and tears. It felt nice to get it out, to verbalize just how important she is to me. I don’t want time to continue to pass without honoring all of her amazingness. When others have broken my heart she has skillfully stitched it back up like a surgeon. When I gave up on myself she refused to, picking me up on her shoulders like Jesus and his cross. No one is more important than my Maggie.

It’s her birthday, so call her up. Sing her a tune and make her laugh. She deserves it.

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