Dele Tiempo al Time.

*Hooray!* My blog’s second birthday is today. It’s in its terrible twos, yikes. Time seems to creep up on ya in the quickest of ways. It doesn’t feel like I’ve had this blog for that long…but the past two years have felt like forever. I began this blog after my sister’s wedding in Miami, during which I felt happy for the first time in a very long time. I was depleted and defeated and thought I would never be me again. My trip to Miami proved that there was life outside of Rhode Island, life outside of the no-life I had been living in. My blog – jahksofhearts – was my way of trying to engage myself once again to the world. I wasn’t me, but I was so completely and entirely devoted to this not-okay-me that I forgot anything else existed. I didn’t care, to be honest with you.

I intended to get off to a running start on August 24, 2013, but life isn’t quite like that. The past two years have had their ups and downs. It has been such a long process that I am exhausted. But it’s a good kind of exhausted, because the more I go through the less I want to give up. I don’t mind the downs – we all have downs. We all need downs. Like the saying goes, they make the ups even more amazing.
Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but it sure helps. Dele tiempo al tiempo. Give time some time. Or like my dad says: dele tiempo al time. I’m in the terrible two’s stage but hey, at least I’m potty trained. Two years ago I wasn’t sure what today would look like. I don’t know if I even gave it any thought. But so many blessings and funny moments and lessons have occurred that I’m glad they took place, just as they did. Today wouldn’t be today if they hadn’t.

I don’t know what two-years-from-now’s today will look like. Two more years will be two more years of progress and healing and adventure. I can’t wait. But, I can also wait. Know what I’m saying?

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