Here’s one of my favorite throwbacks! I’ll be back soon, friends!


I was in my pajamas, hair all frizzy, warming up chicken tenders when I heard a jiggle at the doorknob.

“Ma?” No response, except for the jiggling of our upstairs neighbor’s doorknob.  Oh, shit, we’re getting robbed! 

I tiptoed my way to the door and looked out the peephole.  What I saw made me sigh with sadness.  It was an old neighbor of mine, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, and who instead of going back home after buying a six-pack, ends up at our house, where he lived for over twenty years.  I watched through the peephole as he slowly made his way down the stairs.  What to do?!

I called my mother. 

“Do you have his wife’s telephone number?  What do I do?  Do I let him go?”

“Ay, que pesar,” she lamented into the phone.  How sad.   I hung up, and looked down at my kitty cat pajamas and…

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