Little Fish.

I was nothing but a little fish
So a bobbing, bright light
Piqued my eye and curiosity
Intrigued, I slowly finned my way
Towards a seemingly harmless prize
So beautiful, my eyes glimmered
I bit down with everything I had
Because I wanted you, all of you, to myself

Pain throbbed through me
As the shiny, sharp hook pierced itself
Through and through
I was pulled up, up, up
And before I could writhe free
I connected with the sky
Which knocked a gasp out of me
Leaving my heart in a fluttering frenzy
This is it, I thought
Resigned to an airless fate

But the universe was merciful that day
So I was thrown back into the dark waters
Shocked and scared
Wounded and betrayed
I struggled to swim through the dark
Until I gave all control over to the currents
Because nothing was left of me but a gaping

The ocean’s salt healed my wound
And I’m a big fish now
Heartache and wisdom
Steer me clear of any bait
My wound has turned into a thick, visible scar
And at times I still feel a sting
But the realization that
You, none of you, is worth such pain
Keeps me swimming

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