To Do.

I have a shitload to do, and I am afraid that if I don’t write it down, nothing will get done.

1. Make a headboard. I once had one, but I had a minimalist phase in which I threw a whole bunch of stuff in my room out, including my bed’s headboard. Everyone makes fun of my bed now, because not only is it tiny, it looks like a freakin’ jail cell bed. I love DIY projects, so this is a chance to make something unique and funkadelic. I have four planks of wood left over from the floor my dad installed in our old apartment, which I will be upholstering with a padding-type foam and different colored fabrics. If done correctly, this should come out looking aweeeesome.
2. Refurbish my very old bureau. It is in great condition, and I love it, but it needs a serious paint job. It’ll probably take half a day to get done, since I need to sand it prior to painting. I was thinking of stenciling some cool designs onto it, too. I want to get this done immediately, since it’s a serious eye sore in my room.
3. Make a towel rack. I found several cool-looking drawer knobs in an old tool box, so all I need is a piece of wood. I’m not sure whether I want to give it a weathered look or a polished look, and I am also considering painting the word “towels” on it. This would be a much-needed addition to our bathroom.
4. Finish cleaning the vinyl siding on the house and the shed. UGH.
5. Get back into the swing of reading. I’ve lost a lot of my fervor for reading, and this is some unacceptable shit. I’ve gone back to reading one of my favorite books, Fahrenheit 451, and the way it is so beautifully written makes me want to read forever and ever. My counselor also lent me a book on dating so I’ll be taking a look at that as well (ha, I am not a big fan of books like these, but it’s worth a damn shot).
6. Chores, chores, chores around the house like a chicken with its head cut off.
7. Go for a jog at least four times a week. Being outside and exercising makes me feel stellar and gives me me time, so I relish in it. I would like to lose 5-10 pounds, then do some major toning. Wish me lots of luck, my babies.
8. Grow boobs.

I hope to accomplish all of these things in the next two weeks. Right now, however, I will type about it and not be about it, since I am on the couch watching Italy v Uruguay with Jonas, Colombia plays later (auuu!), and I have a dinner date with my babygirls Sandra&Steph. I will get this list accomplished, though, because they are a way of bettering and working on myself on several levels.

If any of you come to my house in the next two weeks, ask to see these projects. If I haven’t done them, I’ll be hella embarrassed.

*Disclaimer:  Ideas #1 and #3 are not my own; they are ideas I got scouring Pinterest and the endless abyss which is the Internet.

14 thoughts on “To Do.

      1. John! I hope you get this in time – I am soooo not gonna make it to our jog…I’ve been boozing all night lol…raincheck?!?!

      2. Oh! I heard you be running HALF MARATHONS?!?!?! And you wanted to go jogging with me?! Trying to humiliate my baby lungs and weak physique?!

      3. I planned on going easy that day lol. Half marathons? Talk about being misinformed! Although, I do plan on running 13 miles next month. That rain check is just waiting to be cashed though.

      4. Yikes, that is nuts! Good for you, though… how about later this week? Or next week? I need a few days to get in better shape to keep up with you!

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