“The Donkey” & “The Witch”

Earlier this year I babysat (more like tweensat) my favorite person in the world, my nephew Jonas, in Connecticut.  He had loaned out a book of scary stories from the library, so on the couch, wrapped in blankies, we took turns reading out loud.  He was totally cool about it, until I read the classic story about the babysitter who gets crank calls from a demented killer – from inside the house.  Jonas’ wide, brown eyes made their way around the house, kinda like thinking oh crap!  And okay, I admit it, even I was a little creeped out at that point, so I decided to pull out my laptop. 

“Wanna write stories?”

We took turns giving four to five words, and the following two short stories are the result.  The first, “The Donkey,” is a comedy, and we laughed our way through it.  “The Witch” follows the theme of horror, and it’s my favorite one.  Jonas really put a lot of thought into it, and in my opinion it is stellar.  Could my nephew be the next Stephen King?  Perhaps!  So, please enjoy Jonas’ debut as a writer! 

 “The Donkey”

Written by Jonas C Mendez & Jacqueline Canola

There once was a town with a huge donkey who liked movies.  The donkey, named Michael, had really bad gas, and he stank like rotten tuna on the hottest day of August.  The town was disgusted by his presence, but they loved his smile.  He would grin at the sight of bananas.  He just loved fruits.  He once at a veggie and threw up chunks of broccoli and carrots.  One day, the townspeople decided to give him a bouquet of fruits.  He smiled so hard that they threw a toothbrush at his teeth and made him mayor.  But then he exploded from the fruit smoothie in his belly. 

But one fine day, his spirit rose from another donkey and he sought revenge on the people.  He made them brush their teeth with celery but they forgot toothpaste.  Their teeth turned green because of vegetables that were far too healthy because they were dangerous.  The people of Townsville all exploded. 

“The Witch”

Written by Jonas C Mendez & Jacqueline Canola

The witch stood up.  She threw her frog into the boiling cauldron.  She went to kill all of the men who had a wife.  She cackled out loud – she would never stop.  Her long white hair from her crinkled oldness would wrap itself around her ugly, wart-filled neck.  She choked her victims while not saying a word, her eyes glaring.  Then she went off into the black night.  Sounds of screaming could be heard for miles and miles around.  The moon was bright, but her heart was dark.  The ghosts of men asked to be spared.  Their wives sobbed loudly.  But she turned around and with a smile came to the door. 

“You will live forever until that day comes that the moon disappears and all is lost.”

With those whispered words, she grabbed her broom and towards the sky she flew evermore. 

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