Autumn Leaves.

The sun’s rays are still fighting to warm us, but the constancy of the seasons is inevitable:  autumn is upon us!  Our tans are slowly disappearing from our skin, we have to put away our booty shorts, and our iced coffees have turned into scalding vanilla chais.  It is sad to watch summer come and go, but the fall holds wonders of its own.  It promises pumpkin-flavored beer and pies, gut-wrenching baseball games, warm hoodies as you apple-pick, and the exploration of new books while snuggled in bed.  Oh, and let’s not forget the skankiness of Halloween and the gluttony of Thanksgiving!    

It is quite lovely when the once vibrant green leaves start to turn burnt orange-yellow, deep red and mud brown.  Trees are droopy and full and the sunlight struggles to break through the leaves. The air smells different, crisp and woodsy, doesn’t it?  As the days grow colder and darker, the leaves can no longer hold on and with a audible twist of branch to the ground they fall and into the wind they disappear (I can picture an orange little leaf holding on for dear life as the trembling branch promises:  “I’ll never let go, Leafy, I’ll never let go!”  But alas, some promises cannot be kept).  Crunch crunch crunch the array of colors say underneath your biker boots as you make your way home.  Finally the rain comes, and the crunchy leaves turn to mush, lost amidst rakes and tire tracks and gutters.   

It is ironic, how in the midst of dying, nature looks so very alive.  This dying of nature serves as a reminder that the cold winter is near.  The wilting and hunching of tall trees into bare skeletons tells us another year is coming to an end.  It is a time for melancholy and reflection.  With some regret we say goodbye to things of yesterday.  But with the crimson and then graying of our surroundings we can now welcome things that are to come.  A new beginning awaits us, a blank, white start.  And a new beginning awaits the trees, when greens and yellows and oranges will come again.  We can always be sure of that.

*In looking for a video for falling leaves, I discovered the beauty that is the voice of Eva Cassidy in a song titled “Autumn Leaves.”  Take a moment to listen, and look her up!

2 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves.

  1. Loved reading this… have such a special way expressing yourself and, in this case, using autumn to represent our life experiences….keep ’em coming !

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